Ewart Shaw: photography


Some of my abstract photographs, cropped to squares (click for larger image).

p0255   p0258   p0946   p1919   p1929   p2157   p2868   p3086   p3117   p3518   p3551   p3558   p3559   c07477   c07496   c07751   c08071   c08117   c08178   p4110   p4117   p4126   p4234   p4363   t00107   t00456   t00515   t00653   t00782   t10163   t10225   t10250   t10369   t10394   t10423   t10513   t10568   t10602   t10617   t10628   t10970   t10982   t10990   t20030   t20187   t20307   t20329   t20332   t20425   t20426   t20465   t20473   t20530   t20541   t20560   t20838   t20854   t20930   t30024   t30075   t30158   t30228   t30248   t30265